Blu:app – Check your Limit!

Addiction prevention direct from your pocket

Blu:prevent stands for up for all youth with addiction prevention apps supplied by the Blue Cross. The app is not just associated with alcohol, but also is dedicated to prevent/make the you aware of drug addictions, nicotine, media/non-substance-related behavioral disorders that can play an important role with addiciton. Long-term overall goals are developed in order to tackle to topic of addiction on a large scale, from prevention right though to individual tailored support and self-help areas. How can blu:prevent provide early warning about risks and encourage young people to not be tempted? How can you reach a young target group at all? Quite simply, by communicating through an app!

In close consultation with the blu:prevent team, Yellow Tree set up a several phases to fine-tune a successful campaign: from concept, working ideas, design and finally programming, until the blu:app emerged.

Individual app-development with animated elements.

According to blu:prevent’s motto “be free” help is user-centric to make a life free from addiction, anywhere, any time.

With the quick self-test (CHECK) the personal addiction risk is calculated and classified by a virtual coach. In the ‘HELP’ area, there is a direct communication link to chat anomynously with a coach, to allow the teen to take the first courageous steps against addiction. With the ‘CALC’ section, the user can find out how much pure alcohol is actually contained in drinks and when the personal alcohol limit is reached. Yellow Tree have developed and integrated a calculation too that calculates the user’s limit, depending on several factors, including sex, body weight and age, with a slick, easy to use interface. In the FACTS section, the user finds new, quirky and interesting facts about alcohol, nicotine, pornography, cannabis, gambling and more.


Serious subject, playful medium.

The aim of the app is to raise awareness about the topic of addiction without finger-pointing. The youthful design, the animated facts and gamified tools make the app a playful yet helpful experience. Here, young people can find further offers from blu:prevent like solid advice or support.

App Entwicklung Calc

Full Service. From concept over programming, right through to personalised illustration.

In addition to the conception, the UI design and entire programming, an individual icon set was developed. This allows a holistic, individual appearance personalised throughout the blu:app.