Ambition, spontaneous approach, honest.

The DRAN NEXT magazine is relevant to everyday life for young people between the ages of 18-30. A spontaneous and honest approach welcomes it’s readers with completely non-dogmatic faith and life issues. Young writers, photographers and illustrators document their lifestyle and create a unique, sustainably produced, ambitious magazine. The DRAN NEXT magazine is produced 8 times a year by the publisher SCM Bundesverlag and each issue contains approximately 100 pages of inspiring content. The magazine is available at newsstands or by subscription at www.dran-next.net.

Everything new.

With the new relaunch of the 1978 founded magazine, the issue required a more grown-up outlook. In close co-operation with the editorial staff: a new, honest, clear editorial design was developed in several workshops. From the ground up, development of the headings, content, fonts, colours, styles and images – has given the whole magazine a better target and overall design. We eschewed all the ‘heavy’ background graphics/images and decorative elements to develop a new clear, less-cluttered layout. The typographic concept plays with the subtle signature blend that sets the text in a legible and attractive manner. Images received a better amount of space within the magazine to ‘breathe’ and the more spontaneous imagery gives a more honest insight into the life of a youthful generation. Besides the new editorial design, we have also designed and implemented the new website. It gives glimpses into the magazine and leaves the viewer wanting more. It’s inviting design encourages readers to view and participate in current-topics and of course, to encourage new subscribers.


High praise. Many pre-orders.

“The magazine surprised us with a diverse choice of visuals: from the situational, reduced-color photography to the conceptual illustration, it really heralded the spirit of the times. A mix of typographically transposed contents and beautiful imagery of each article contributes to an experience that demonstrates the high quality of content.”

“The image of the young believer is portrayed with a combination of coolness and spirituality, helping to broadly define the reader’s everyday relevance.”

“The design of the new Dran’s mega!!!!! I work at a Christian bookstore and have never seen such a beautiful design! I’m going to sell them in large quantities in our bookstore.”

“Thank you for your enthusiasm making a magazine that is timeless. It still ignites passion on how we could learn fast solutions in life. There is a calm, controlled style where other magazines would become inconsistent.”

Thank you for the great Feedback! It pleases us that we work together and the further possibilities of developing DRAN NEXT