Boldness and passion for the fine details.

EBF, the Cologne-based IT service from Cologne-based are an innovative app and solutions producer for mobile platforms such as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The new corporate design should clearly highlight the innovative a stronger unity and attitude of the company, employees and customers. This should communicate what working with this company represents: passion. We targeted an approach of making a bold, fresh corporate design for an honest and passionate company. In addition to the logo, colours, shapes and imagery, the message symbolises a strong meaning.

What do you love?

When researching for the difference that EBF offer we found they had a high criteria to put Passion into their work. To discover more about their passion for work we surveyed their staff with the simple question ‘what do you love?’. The answers to these questions formed the basis of our communication campaign. Each employee thus had the opportunity to formulate their own statement and to have a perpetual representation of EBF. These statements are explained as the attitude to each working employee and overall the ethos of the entire company.


The EBF Dashboard. Putting important business intelligence data into insightful analysis mobile data.

By processing the BI data in different chart types, large amounts of information are processed into very understandable and clear formats. The simple, modular design of the complete system allows the user to manage the entire system independently. By directly linking to internal databases, the figures shown are always up to date and offer the user an in-depth insight to the latest developments of their own company. Whether sales, revenues or other company data, the EBF Dashboard provides quick and clear access to company data.

The EBF Dashboard puts an end to dreary business reports, which are either linked to a laptop or (with the utmost difficulty to read) on a mobile device.
Through the use of modern tablets, different information on different levels can be achieved. Each chart type has different operating options to display detailed facts, allowing you to view information fast, dynamically and interactive.