Enjoying relationships,
is the making of a family.

Family is the magazine is for relationships and families. The magazine provides its readers with real life advice by sharing the typical experience many families face, whether it may be day-to-day family madness, doubts, beliefs or enjoyment.

In modern times marriage and family has become increasingly controversial, so we placed an exclamation point over the the logo to show the value and beauty of the magazine.

Editorial design as diverse as the target group.

In collaboration with the family editorial team, Yellow Tree has developed a clean, contemporary editorial design style that teams up perfectly with the distinguished logo design. The new design is aimed at striking a chord with the broad audience and conveys the diversity of the family, whilst still being totally focussed on providing reader-friendly clarity throughout the magazine.


A versatile typographic concept.

The new typographic concept offers much more variety and scope, matching up with the subject of ‘family’. We’ve married the perfect blend of typefaces to support the varied articles harmoniously. The delicate illustrations and emotional imagery contribute to a fulfilled reading experience.