Modern engineering with tradition.

Gräbener minting systems is a modern engineering company with over 90 years of experience. The history of this traditional company dates back to 1921. It’s core business is high-quality, precision-design, mechanical minting and special knuckle-joint minting. The minting press business supplies advanced high-coining minting and medal stamping minting at state and private mints worldwide. World Money Fair 2013 Gräbener planned the launch of a newly developed, flexible medal embossing press for small lot sizes. Our task was to communicate the new machine with powerful communication media, highlighting the product benefits, showing the overall appearance of the company in a modern way.

The perfect claim.
Modern corporate design.

From the outset the task was not only to give the brochure a new look, in the first workshop meeting with Gräbener it turned out that the business of ‘minting’ had much more to offer than previously communicated; the existing brand was rather antiquated in appearance. The previous brand showed no real link to ‘precision, ‘attention to detail’ or ‘perfection’. To bring the core values to forefront, Yellow Tree worked with Gräbener holistically. During the process, we developed a new guiding principle that brought the company’s claim to focus: ‘Precision in detail since 1921’. This principle was the motto for the new brand relaunch. The old, bloated logo was sharpened to a minimal, essential and bold design: the symbol for the press and the claim ‘minting’ precisely typified the activity of the whole company ethos. The new branding showed the entire product range in a totally redeveloped style. The toggle device also forms a new element throughout design materials, working in harmony with text and logo areas, allowing it to be used on different types of pictures. In addition to the print material, Yellow Tree was also a development partner in the design of the press machine itself, through a holistic approach of the core brand, the uniform style works beautifully from print, to web and finally to Gräbener’s machinery.


New machine. Strong campaign. Successful fair.

Parallel to the new look, Yellow Tree developed the communication concept to the product launch of the “Flex Medal”. The high-end medal embossing press provides the best quality and tremendous flexibility – with surprisingly small proportions. To communicate this USP, we developed the phrase ‘SMALL AND MIGHTY’ with the customer, which sets up the basis for the whole concept. The first step of the campaign was the 2012 Christmas card – ‘Merry Christmas and Happy News for 2013’, showing the corporate design for the first time. The second step of the campaign was sent in the form of a small envelope, which included the exhibition invitation. This unfolded piece by piece into a big poster, communicating the advantages of the new machine, and an invitation to see it in action at the exhibition. The theme ‘SMALL AND MIGHTY’ was reflected at the exhibition in a concise manner, supported with a key visual concept: The little machine had a shadow that formed into a great big shadow of a bear. This powerful image was also made into stand graphics at the exhibition. In addition to the ‘small’ booth graphics, Yellow Tree also developed small, humorous media that show off the significant benefits of the machine to customers.