Beat your Limits.

Rocky Sportnahrung is the online shop for sport and fitness nutrition. This young team of sports fans offers it’s customers a comprehensive service, great deals and a huge selection of products. But one thing that is especially at the foreground of Rocky Sportnahrung: the irrepressible will to achieve the absolute top performance.

Faster. Stronger. Better.

Yellow Tree have researched and developed a corporate design that showed deep knowledge and a comprehensive understanding for the requirements from which Rocky Sportnahrung required. With a neon green as the main colour, Yellow Tree created a dynamic visual world: with the logo as the foundation of the brand, we used a font that becomes increasingly bolder as the company name reads from left to right, representing an increase in performance speed and growth.


Search quickly. Purchase quickly. Deliver quickly.

Conceived by Yellow Tree and optimised with ‘shopware’, the online store provides the best overall system for a diverse range of products. Smart-Scan allows the customer to find products easily and quickly. Coupon promotions, bundles, promotional items and many other features make the online shop a content-rich, powerful and successful marketing machine!