Shopping that makes the heart beat faster

Focussed diversity and structure

WACA is a family-owned company that has been combining tradition and quality with advanced manufacturing techniques since its founding in 1921. The development, construction and production of robust dishes and technical parts are the company’s main focus – using reliable and hard-wearing plastics such as melamine.

With a broad client range such as restaurateurs, large families, campers, young backpackers and B2B customers, the diverse range of target groups left the old website with a convoluted and confused message for the multi-brand website. A new concept was the development focus that could represent both the company and also act as a sales channel.

So how does one manage to turn the traditional structures of a traditional company into an intuitive and modern website, whilst preserving diversity but letting visitors find the desired product as quickly as possible?

Speed and accuracy as goals

We started website journey by compiling the three existing areas: image page, WACA shop and heartbeat trend dishes as well as offering a clear design distinction of the various brands and areas with a clear and structured navigation.

The WACA homepage reflects this idea: on one hand it represents the company’s rich history, unique features, quality and latest news – on the other hand, the website directs the needs groups to the right place: to the individual pages for bulk order customers or smaller, home consumer goods.

At the same time, the various brand shops and their decluttered content experience is given a clarified direction: WACA – high-quality plastic products, HEARTBEAT – trend brand from WACA and WADOO – individual customisable products.


Shopware and Yellow Tree make it possible

The customized WACA and Heartbeat shop was executed by us on the basis of Shopware. Thanks to the high-end architecture, the connection of external systems and the integration of various templates is seamless. The individual design and the modular structure allow maximum flexibility.

Special modules have been developed for the heartbeat tableware series, which create the essential requirements for cross-referencing. Thus, when viewing a certain product, the customer will be shown further available variants within the product range. In the sense of cross-selling, a network with cross-references to similarly fitting parts is created.

So e-commerce is not just online shopping, but a unique shopping experience.


Full service. Also on social media

The social media activities we have implemented are also linked to the heartbeat shop by integrating the Instagram feed. The powerful platform is used to appeal to a younger audience and presents the harnessed heartbeat brand authentically – with an emphasis on outdoor activities as well as caravan accessories. Facebook focuses on WACA products, reaching both baking and cooking fans, as well as B2B customers. The social media are thus adapted to the brand’s diversity.


From Traditional Family Business to BIG Player on the Web

Since the relaunch of the WACA online presence was carried out, there has been a huge increase in website clicks and purchases in the shop. The number of visitors shot up tenfold, which corresponds to a 900 percent increase.