The trading platform for
electronic lighting.

The watt24.com web platform and corresponding team have been working in the electronic lighting sector for many years. Watt24 was formed in March, 2012 in order to offer customers more products, better selection and better service to an independent brand world, launching with a new online shop. The product portfolio ranges from watt24 lights, lamps and sockets to electronics components. Due to the specialist angle of the products, the design needed to focus on offering an intuitive experience to the correct customer market-electrical engineers. With products being ready for dispatch within 24 hours, watt24 gives a good alternative to electrical wholesalers.

Easy. Faster. Brighter.

Using the motto ‘Easy, Faster, Brighter.’ Yellow Tree have developed a logo, corporate design, brand materials, online store design and the whole marketing concept for watt24. By underlining the core values of ‘simplicity’ and ‘speed’ Yellow Tree expressed the visual appearance and brand experience of watt24 as a clever alternative to traditional electrical wholesalers. The solution is a simple and direct communication focusing on the spectral colour qualities of light. Using short slogans, clear colours and simple design with a distinctive grid layout allows a likeable, young and dynamic brand to flourish. The usability and interface design of the shop was also developed and designed by Yellow Tree.

Search is a central element to the shop and with a flexible teaser system that allows watt24 to show off it’s USP, allowing for offers and promotions and characterising the visual appearance of the shop. In addition the design grid provides all trading partners a great platform for marketing and advertising through teasers and banners. The specially developed product finder gives a user-friendly experience, making the search fast and easy.


Get started with watt24!

To acquire new customers and re-engage with existing customers, Yellow Tree has developed the watt24 starter package. An attractively presented box that comes at the start of the year, it comes with a real ECG with printed material. In addition, the package comes with a folder with a watt24 brochure and a discount coupon. The brochure explains in-depth the shop functions and introduces the watt24 team. The discount voucher gives added incentive for ordering and gives customers the incentive to start a strong partnership with watt24.